By now you’ve read on this website as I refer to the members of the rascrenegades as the gift that keeps on giving. That’s because those rascrenegades and others have dug themselves into a very large hole, and they just refuse to stop digging.

Notwithstanding that they know, that in our possession are tape recordings, correspondences, letters, e-mails, statements, witness statements, many other materials and documents, and their own covert and overt actions. They still continue with their croooked and corrupt and criminal acts, and in doing so, continue to provide us with more gifts.

GIFT: Roland Dechesne.
GIFT: Robyn Foret.
GIFT: Michael Watson.
GIFT: Heather Laird.
GIFT: Chris Gainor.
GIFT: Julian Porter.
GIFT: Eric Briggs.
GIFT: Catherine Carr.
GIFT: Steve Donaldson.
GIFT: Bryan Lyonaisse.
GIFT: many others…

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