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The following are the updates from 2021 that formerly were on the Home Page:

UPDATE: The RASCRenegades are still playing Blind Deaf and Dumb, and still doing so with the RASC monies. The problem is this, the only thing the RASCRenegades plays have done, is put them deeper in the hole they already dug for themselves. I’ve studied the RASC Bulletins for the last 5 years and it tells you the membership nothing.

NEWS: Peter Jedicke has confirmed in an e-mail to Glenn Hawley, that the RASC is no longer a Democratic institution. But is in effect being run as a dictatorship under the direct control and stewardship of the rascrenegades. Such renegades who’ve been named and shamed on this website for some time. As of today these rascrenegades still control (7) of the (8) seats on the National Board. And they are now scheming to get those rascrenegades who are no longer eligible to be elected in 2021, to be illegally elected at the AGM in 2021, thus retaining control of the Board until 2022. More to follow.

UPDATE GLENN HAWLEY G23 TAPE RECORDING(S): The following within quotation marks is a statement made by Glenn Hawley in regards to the status of his G23 complaint against the current President of the RASC Robyn Foret and others. It is part of an 11 minute recording made on the 25th Day of August 2020, between Glenn Hawley and Roger Nelson.

 Do not let anything I’m doing effect or slow down anything that you or John (Kelly) are doing. If I do run for the Board (National) and get on the Board do not let that track, restrain you either

The rest of that recording goes into very great detail the crooked and corrupt agreements now made between Hawley and Michael Watson and the National Board. How they’re going to cover up, nullify & bury Hawley’s G23 complaint. In return for Glenn Hawley’s seat on the National Board. The full transcripts of Hawley’s conversation (and others) outlining these crooked and corrupt agreements will be published.

UPDATE GLENN HAWLEY G23 COMPLAINT: Glenn Hawley past President of the RASC, has retracted his very valid and truthful G23 complaints against current RASC President Robyn Foret and other rascrenegades. Glenn Hawley recently admitted he was being put under extreme duress by Michael Watson the inside lawyer for the RASC. SO what does Watson and his fellow rascrenegades have over Glenn Hawley that has made him sell his soul, what deals have been struck, why has Hawley retracted on his pursuit and his promises to get justice for Grace and Roger Nelson, Ross Sinclair and others. MORE TO FOLLOW – STAY TUNED:

RASC AGM RIGGED: I can honestly say with 99.995% certainty, that, the 2021 elections at the RASC AGM were rigged. And that both Robyn Foret and Michael Watson duly aided by the other RASCRenegades were directly involved. And that in 2021 those RASCRenegades have also been involved in more corrupt, crooked and nefarious schemes. Including but not limited to, more embezzlement and fraudulent misuse of more RASC funds.

The domain name for the sister website to this one has been registered. I would say to the more prominent members of the RASC and it’s sponsors, that the only way for evil to prosper is for good people to sit back and do nothing. MORE COMING SOON:

UPDATE: The feedback that I’ve been receiving from the latest updates, is that as of right now, there are now more prominent RASC members that would like nothing better than to get rid of the RASCRenegades. They’ve come to realize that the only way evil doers succeed is when good people sit back and do nothing.

MY MESSAGE TO THE RASCRenegades: Roger and Grace Nelson both stood up to you. The Nelsons are good people and you are not, that is the simple truth, and the truth always wins out.

RASC JUNE 2021 AGM – NATIONAL BOARD ELECTIONS RIGGED: Information and documents have been obtained (some directly from Glenn Hawley) that shows that the June 2021 AGM elections were rigged by the RASCRenegades. They have gone and done, exactly what I stated they would (see Easter Weekend Update below).

THREATS: AS part of their schemes, they started off by denying Glenn Hawley’s application to run in the 2021 elections. Then to make sure they could stop anyone from nominating Hawley from the floor of the AGM, they suspended Hawley’s RASC membership. Hawley was also threatened that they’d go one step further than the suspension of his membership and outright eject him from the RASC forever, if he went to anyone for any advice or guidance. I hereby challenge the RASCRenegades to carry out that threat against Glenn Hawley. MORE SHOCKING DETAILS SOON:

MICHAEL “no character” WATSON: What does it truly say about the mind of Michael Watson, in that, on the one hand he can orchestrate and inflict vicious, vindictive, malicious, egregious and damaging attacks on Grace and Roger Nelson and others. Then on the other hand, he can bask in the acceptance of the highest award and accolade the RASC can bestow. As though he was Saint Dominic and Mother Teresa, rolled into one. STAY TUNED:

MARCH 2021: SHOCKING OR MAYBE NOT: Michael Watson has just been given the highest accolade that the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada can bestow on an individual, the “Fellowship” award. Watson is currently serving as the society’s legal counsel and second V.P. And is a partner with the law firm Gowling WLG.

SHOCKING: That any organization could bestow this award on an individual, when that individual has been engaged in corrupt, crooked and criminal behaviour, and done so willingly and knowingly, for at least the past sixteen (16) months or so.

BUT NOT SHOCKING: When you find out, that four (4) out of the five (5) people sitting on the nominating committee that gave the award, are also his “Fellow” RASC-renegades.

MESSAGE TO MICHAEL WATSON & THE REST OF THE RASCRENEGADES: Throughout every step of your crooked, corrupt and criminal acts against the Nelsons and others. Not one of you has ever attempted to mitigate the severe damages your actions have caused them…. NOTE: A first year law student will tell you, that, if you’ve committed any kind of tort or any kind of wrongdoing, the first thing you should do is this. Take any and all steps you can, that will mitigate the damages you’ve caused. That is what the courts like to see.

The reason no attempt has ever been made by the RASC, to mitigate the very serious damages caused. Is that the National Board is controlled by them, and they’re taking directions from Michael Watson, lawyer and partner of Gowling WLG, and one of the rascrenegade ringleaders.

NOTE: Another good bit of advice a first year law student will tell you, is this. Never take advice from a crooked and corrupt lawyer.

If it’s not alright to falsely scream ” fire fire fire ” in a crowded theater, then it’s certainly not alright to smear, slur, defame and severely damage good and honest people, with false vicious malicious statements and allegations.

TO WIN A DEFAMATION LAWSUIT: All that has to be proven to the Courts is that 1. The statements made by the rascrenegades are false, and 2. That they also knew them to be false when they made them.

THE EVIDENCE TO BACK UP 1 & 2 ABOVE: Is contained within the rascrenegades own words recorded both on tape and voicemail. Their signed witness statements they submitted in their bogus enforcement proceedings action. Their statements within their bogus G23 and G24 proceedings. Their e-mails from their RASC and personal accounts, their statements contained in the April 2020 edition of the Star Seeker Newsletter, and much, much more. STAY TUNED:

ROBYN FORET: one of the Ring Leaders of the rascrenegades and a vindictive, vicious and malicious bully himself. Did over many months, relentlessly bully and target Roger Nelson and Grace Nelson. Then without a shred of remorse, finally orchestrated their unlawful removal as members of the RASC family. Foret has now sunk to even lower depths of hypocrisy, doing so by e-mailing the members in an “RASC special announcement” with regards to the recent resignation of the Governor General of Canada, bullying, and his wanting the RASC to be a safe and healthy environment. MORE TO FOLLOW:

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE FOR 1st JANUARY 2021: Transcripts of the In-Camera recording from the RASC National Board In-Camera meeting of the 13th November 2019 are going to be sent to the Individuals who were present on that day. This was the In-Camera meeting where Roger Nelson was ambushed by Ringmaster Robyn Foret & his fellow cohorts Heather Laird, Charles Ennis and Chris Gainor. The other National Board cohort at that time was Michael Watson also a Director and inhouse lawyer, who conveniently made himself absent. What a canny not so canny Lawyer.

Those transcripts are going to be made available today, to those who were present at that In-Camera ambush, as well as Watson. They will have enough opportunity to comment on those transcripts prior to the publication and release of the said other damaging (to them) documents as stated below.

ON THE 1st DAY OF JANUARY 2021, key details from key documents and witness statements will be released on a new page titled GAINOR-LAIRD. That information when posted, will forever leave Chris Gainor’s reputation (such as it is) in tatters, along with other high profile rascrenegades.