From Day one (1) the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has done nothing to mitigate any of the damages that have been caused, and continue to be caused. They have never shown any remorse throughout all of this, even when it was obvious that there were rascrenegades (some on their own Board) committing corrupt, crooked and sometimes criminal acts.

Astonishingly, instead of stopping these rascrenegades dead in their tracks, several of them openly joined in with them and became rascrenegades themselves, and then encouraged others to do the same.

In doing so, these rascrenegades have exposed the RASC and some of its satellite chapters to civil and criminal litigation. They have also opened themselves up to being personally accountable as well. There is no doubt that these rascrenegades have committed acts that fall well outside of any protection that a normal Officer or a Director would be entitled to under the law. They have exposed themselves to be monetarily and personally accountable. That they are wholly responsible for all of this, has never been in doubt.

DEFENCE: the case presented on behalf of the party being sued in a lawsuit.

The RASC have no Defence and that’s the Gods honest truth. They know they will not be able to counter what will be laid out in the Statement of Claim(s) that will be filed at the courts, and so do we, and others who are now becoming aware of their actions and these matters.

The reason “why” they won’t be able to mount a Defence, is that we have their own words recorded on tape, we have their own e-mails sent back and forth to each other, we have their fabricated witness statements, we have the many defamatory and false statements they have thrown out there, we have their own acts that show they acted at all times, in a corrupt, crooked and criminal manner. That those acts were committed by them in an intentional, deliberate and purposeful manner.

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