TORTS: Intentional wrongful acts leading to harm & legal liability.

There have been many vicious, malicious and vindictive torts committed by the rascrenegades as against Grace and Roger Nelson. Those torts evidenced by the rascrenegades refusals to answer to reasonable questions, their failure to provide further and better particulars, and failure to provide any proof at all to sustain their crooked and corrupt acts. The rascrenegades may be able to duck and weave now, but they won’t be able duck and weave an Order from the courts compelling them to do those things.

NOTE: If they can’t provide what’s been reasonably requested now, then they’re surely not going to be able to do so, when they are before the courts. It is a sad testament to their characters that these rascrenegades are willing to take the RASC to rack and ruin. Cost it’s membership substantial funds in damages awarded to the Plaintiffs, legal costs awarded to the Plaintiffs and also having the membership pay for these rascrenegades legal costs. stay tuned.

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