ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF CANADA (RASC): 2020 Isn’t working out well for the RASC and it’s not getting any better soon. I’m John Kelly and this web site exposes the corrupt, crooked and criminal acts committed by the nefarious Directors and officers that infest the RASC and their Calgary chapter. I call these crooked and corrupt individuals “rascrenegades“.

NICOLE MORTILLARO knowingly authored a witness statement with contents that she knew to be false. Mortillaro viciously, vindictively and maliciously attacked Grace Nelson and her husband Roger Nelson in collusion and concert with her fellow rascrenegades Heather Laird, Roland Dechesne, Robyn Foret and others.

NICOLE MORTILLARO of the RASC is an avid amateur astronomer, author, editor, Senior Science Reporter for CBC News and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. She is the author of Saturn, lives in Toronto, Canada. Mortillaro is also one of the worst rascrenegade. READ PAGE TITLED NMORTILLARO

This website would not be operational IF the rascrenegades were not still engaged in their corrupt, crooked and criminal acts, and their many but futile attempts to cover them up, by committing more of them.

Full Facebook message from ex RASC President Glenn Hawley ” John’s latest ‘update’ caused a great stir… with the Board accusing me of all sorts of crap…”:

UPDATE: HOW MESSED UP OF AN ORGANIZATION MUST THE RASC BE… when the National Board can vote in Robyn Foret as the next President in June 2020, knowing full well before the vote, the crooked, corrupt and criminal acts Robyn Foret had committed, and the very deep hole that Forets election would place the entire Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, in. They knew before that vote, that Foret had seriously lied to and misled the National and Calgary board members. They knew that Foret had fabricated the written and signed statements that he had presented to them as the truth. They had a very valid G23 complaint before them submitted by Glenn Hawley against Robyn Foret, yet they till voted him in.. that is not only grossly irresponsible… that is criminally negligent… STAY TUNED:

TRUTH2POWER: The RASC have openly admitted that they’ve spent significant funds on their inside lawyer Michael Watson and their outside lawyer Julian Porter. Since day one, I’ve requested many times from these lawyer(s) that they inform me, and in specific detail, what parts of my published website is vicious libels, or vicious defamatory attacks. Now despite my many reasonable requests for them to do this, these lawyer(s) paid with significant RASC funds, have consistently neglected or refused to do so. SO let me be very clear on this point. If the RASC’s own lawyer(s) who were paid with significant RASC funds can’t do that one simple thing, then their inside & outside lawyer, as well as the rascrenegades themselves, are openly admitting that this website is publishing the truth. Which it is – Stay tuned…

URGENT UPDATE GLENN HAWLEY 24SEPT2020: In a lengthy phone call last night with Glenn Hawley, I agreed with Glenn that on receipt of an e-mail (confirmation) request by him, THAT I would release the documents in mine and Roger and Grace Nelsons possession, that Glenn stated he requires in order to move forward and pursue his valid complaint against Roland Dechesne the current President of the Calgary chapter RASC. Such complaint that is separate and apart from the ongoing complaint Glenn filed against Robyn Foret the current President of the RASC in the May of 2020. STAY TUNED:

LATEST UPDATE SUSAN YEO: In the September of 2019, Susan Yeo then Secretary of the Calgary Chapter of the RASC began via e-mail, castigating Roland Dechesne President of the Calgary Chapter RASC, Heather Laird, then subsequently Robyn Foret and others, for not complying with the rules regulations and by-laws of the RASC regarding G23 complaints and processes to be followed.

Yeo stated ” I need to be very clear here. I’m not willing to engage in any form of interaction that is based on verbal anecdotes or personal vendettas “ Yeo was referring to their ongoing attacks against Grace Nelson. I have those e-mails, and many others in my possession from September, October then November and on. There are many more such interactions that also include other members of the Calgary and National Board.

The truth is and can be proven to be so, is that Roland Dechesne, Robyn Foret and Heather Laird et al, were orchestrating and running their own dog and pony show in their crooked and corrupt personal vendetta against Grace Nelson.


Prior to the 17th Day of October 2019, I John Kelly, had never heard of the RASC nor of any of the rascrenegades who are named on this website. Nor did they have any knowledge of John Kelly. And yet that did not stop them from spreading lies about me, from defaming me, from tarnishing my character, my good name, my reputation, interfering in my economic interests and more. They are doing to me, exactly what they do to their fellow members. STAY TUNED

The only way for evil to succeed is for good men to sit back and do nothing. My response to these rascrenegades, is that I am a good man, and as they can see from this website, my response to their vicious, vindictive, malicious and evil ways, is, I am not going to sit back and do nothing.

The nefarious RASCRENEGADES named below are the top 9 rascrenegades whose actions, lies, deceit, crooked and corrupt acts, will for a very long time, have a very substantial and very negative impact on the RASC and their Satellite Societies, specifically Calgary.

PHIL GROF: is the Executive Director of the RASC, and his wages are paid for by the membership of the RASC. Groff is now assisting rascrenegades in their plots, schemes, lies and subterfuge. Link titled RASCRENEGADES.

MICHAEL WATSON: is a Lawyer & Partner with the Law Firm of Gowling WLG, he is also a Director of the National Body and legal counsel of the RASC. Out of all of the rascrenegade(s) Watson is the most culpable. Link titled RASCRENEGADES.

CHRIS GAINOR: is an author and the President of the National Body RASC. Gainor is the second most culpable rascrenegade. Link titled RASCRENEGADES.

HEATHER LAIRD: Until recently a member of the RASC Calgary Center and now currently a Director at the National Body RASC. Laird is a truly, mean, vindictive & malicious individual and a near pathological liar. Right now she’s so frightful of being booted out of the RASC for her crooked & corrupt actions, she’s reduced to doubling down on the many lies already told. For someone who works at a major Calgary Law Firm, you would think Heather Laird should know better. Link titled RASCRENEGADES.

ROBYN FORET: was once an illegal Treasurer of the Calgary Center RASC and is now its 2nd VP. He is also the 1st VP of the National Body RASC. Like Heather Laird, Forets lies are now bordering on pathological. He like her, is frightful of being booted right out of the RASC for his crooked and corrupt actions, so much so, that he is doubling down on the many lies already told. Foret continues to make very serious defamatory statements without regard for the truth or the damages they  cause and continue to cause to others and the RASC. Forets continued corrupt and crooked actions, only further increase the damages that have been and continue to be incurred, by the injured parties. Link titled RASCRENEGADES.

CHARLES ENNIS: is the 2nd Vice President of the National Body RASC, author, and is a former Vancouver Cop. Considering the gravity of the lies told by former cop Ennis, every investigation he was involved in as a Director of the RASC, should be reopened. Link titled RASCRENEGADES .

ROLAND DECHESNE: is the current President of the Calgary Center RASC. Dechesne was the first one from the Calgary Center RASC, to drive a double decker bus right through the RASC policy manuals, by-laws, rules and regulations. After being found out, he recused himself and handed control of the bus to Foret. Dechesne stayed on the bus as a passenger and along with Foret and others, orchestrated the removal of Grace Nelson. Link titled RASCRENEGADES.

BRIAN LYONNAIS: is the current Secretary of the Calgary Center RASC. Lyonnais not to be outdone, not only took over driving the bus, he was instrumental, with the others, in having Grace Nelson removed from her position. Link titled RASCRENEGADES.

STEVE DONALDSON: is the current Past President Calgary Center RASC. Donaldson knowingly joined Foret and Dechesne on the double decker bus. By this time it was in for a penny in for a pound. Link titled RASCRENEGADES.

The above named, with the able and willing assistance of like minded Directors, have kept and still strive to keep, by any and all means possible, their many crooked and corrupt acts from being widely known, if at all.

RENEGADE: Is a person who deserts and betrays an organization, or set of principles. CORRUPT: having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly. CROOKED: dishonest – illegal. LIBEL: the action or crime of publishing a false or malicious statement about a person. SLANDER: a false and malicious spoken statement.

ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution, is a process when properly implemented, designed to resolve conflicts and concerns that a member or members of any organization, Association, Society etc, may have against another member or members. Please view page titled ADR.

Who-What-When-Where-Why-How are the 5 Ws + H of Journalism, Research, investigation and reporting. They are questions whose answers are considered to be the basic information contained within a report. According to some, a report can only be considered 100% complete if it answers all of these six (6) questions.

PROOF: The veracity of what is going to be published will be irrefutable. As it is going to be found in their own words, materials, documents, e-mails, reports, actions, correspondences and tape recordings. All of that will damn them, and much more, and will outline to the courts, a clear and concise pattern of deceit,  corrupt, crooked and criminal acts.

All of the rascrenegades of the RASC were asked the following question.

QUESTION. if it’s found at the end of this process, that a person has submitted a statement to Mr. Gainor, and it’s found that much of the contents of that statement are false. And that they’ve done so (and other corrupt acts) in furtherance of having Roger and Grace Nelson removed from the RASC. Do you believe that, which ever person has done that, should themselves be removed from the RASC.

They all refuse to answer, as to do so condemns them & their fellow rascrenegades.

COURT ACTIONS: What is published on this website and other future websites, will be able to stand up to any scrutiny, in any Civil court or Criminal court of law.

WHAT IS A LIE: A lie will not fit a fact, it will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time. And their time is all but up. View page titled LIES.

This website is authored solely by John Kelly. I have also been subjected to vicious vindictive and malicious allegations, accusations and statements by these same renegades. You will clearly see after reading the many published facts, that the term given to each of them as rascrenegades, is a very apt description.

This website is a work in progress:

NOTE: I can be reached via e-mail at:   johnkelly475@yahoo.ca