Foret Why

Last Updated on 7 months by Roger Nelson

WHY” after giving Roger Nelson such a prestigious award and excellent citation, did the rascrenegades of the National Body go to such great lengths to lie, scheme, defame, plot, and utilize threats, intimidation, extortion, blackmail, harassment, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and a host of other crooked, corrupt & criminal acts, including professional misconduct & possible disbarment, just to get Roger to get his wife Grace Nelson, to fire John Kelly as her representative in a G23 complaint process at the RASC Calgary Center level, that Chris Gainor stated was none of the RASC National Bodies business.

We now know, that all roads lead to the RASC General Assembly in London Ontario in 2016, and the matter of the sexual assault allegations made by Heather Laird against Ross Sinclair, and ably assisted by Robyn Foret, Charles Ennis and others.

Such allegations that resulted in the expulsion of Ross Sinclair. Such allegations that are still believed by many to be bogus. Just like all of the bogus allegations used in the rascrenegades malicious vicious vindictive campaign against Roger and Grace Nelson.

Why” on the 7th of February 2020 when it came to the resolution by the National Body of the RASC to expel the Nelsons as members of the RASC, did Robyn Foret the 1st Vice President of the RASC recuse himself from all matters associated with that resolution. When in all previous corrupt crooked and criminal acts, he had been a very willing participant.

I believe that recusal by Foret was as a result of one of two things. Either Foret felt guilty about what they’d already done, and were about to do to the Nelsons, and bailed out. OR Foret had suddenly realized the consequences that were going to come as a result of their previous crooked, corrupt and criminal acts in their vicious and vindictive campaign, and bailed out.

Either way Robyn Foret’s guilt and that of his fellow rascrenegades is there for all to see. And I’m 100% sure that the Calgary Courts will see that too, along with the National Council and the entire membership of the RASC.

Why” no answer from any of the rascrenegades to this simple question:

QUESTION: if it’s found at the end of this process, that a person has submitted a statement knowing that much of the contents of their statement was false. And that they’ve done so (and other corrrupt acts) in furtherance of having Roger and Grace Nelson removed from the RASC, do you believe that, which ever person has done that, should themselves be removed from the RASC.

WHAT IS A LIE: The many, many, many lies told by these rascrenegades are now unraveling, because ultimately, a lie will not fit a fact, it will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time. And their time is all but up.