Foret Unmasked

Last Updated on 1 year by Roger Nelson

This page is going to unmask the real Robyn Foret. All those who believe they know Robyn Foret will have second third and fourth thoughts about who and what he truly is. The contents of this page, will be more shocking than what has already been published about this man. The only ones who will not be surprised, are Robyn Foret’s fellow RASCRenegades.

Robyn Foret has been posting on Glenn Hawleys website doing so utilizing the following disgusting and very disturbing e-mail addresses, including but not limited to…

I can say with 99.9% certainty that Robyn Foret is the individual associated with those and other e-mail accounts used in submissions to Hawley and others, as Telus has reliably informed me that the electronic footprint emanating from those submissions lead all the way to Charter Telecom, which also happens to be Robyn Forets employer. And I am pretty sure that I will not find another RASCRenegade in the employ of Charter Telecom.

ARE THE RASCRENEGADES ACULT” and is Robyn Foret their Leader. All compelling evidence points to the answer being a big fat “Yes“. As all RASCRenegades both National & Calgary blindly follow Robyn Foret no matter the consequences.

Robyn Foret is not a nice man.
He does nasty things whenever he can.
Lying is just, second nature to him.
He’s so good at it, he can lie on a whim.
He’s not gonna, be easy to stop.
Cos one friends a Lawyer, another’s an Ex Cop.
There’s a reason, why he’s not afraid.
There’s others helping him, ply his trade.
They’re called the RASCRenegades.
more to come...

Charles Ennis is the Ex Cop and Michael Watson is the Lawyer and Partner in the Law firm of Gowling WLG. Yet neither of them can provide any evidence at all, to substantiate the allegations they used to expel Roger and Grace Nelson and then Glenn Hawley. UTTERLY ASTONISHING…