Foret Violence

Last Updated on 1 year by Roger Nelson

At the January 2019 Council Meeting of the Calgary Center RASC, Robyn Foret a member of the Executive resorted to threats of violence and bodily harm to another Board member, Roger Nelson. In the past Robyn Foret has intimidated, harassed, made false claims and submitted Roger Nelson to malicious and vindictive behaviour.

What’s astounding is that neither of the Calgary or National Executive have taken any steps to denounce this behaviour, to curtail Foret, or address any of these very serious matters.

Immediate action should have been taken to inform Foret and any others that such behaviour is not only unacceptable, but will not be tolerated, and will result in serious repercussions to the offender(s).

This type of behaviour has gone unchecked and unrestrained for far too long. The RASC have a history of being selective in turning a blind eye, condoning such acts, and allowing certain individuals free rein to carry on with this type of despicable behaviour, without regard of being held to account.

Mr. Nelson is still fearful of what Robyn Foret may do to him. This is a justified fear given all of the circumstances, and the RASC’s history of covering up such actions when it suits them and their purpose.

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