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A statement by John Kelly on this matter:

My name is John Kelly, a Para-Legal (past 30 years) in good standing, legally allowed to practice in Alberta and Canada and also Abroad. I’m also a very good investigator and researcher. I previously and proudly served in the British Army from 1976 – 1988 and the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves from 1991 – 1995. I’m also 65 years young.

TO BE CLEAR: Prior to the 17th of October 2019, I had no idea what the RASC was, nor any knowledge of the individuals that operated within it. I had no idea as to Grace Nelson being involved with the RASC nor her husband Roger Nelson.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: there’s absolutely nothing in any of the RASC’s manuals, by-laws, rules and regulations or procedures, stating that, if a G23 complaint is made against a member, that, the member being complained of has to go out and hire a lawyer at $300.00 plus an hour to represent them. The member receiving the complaint can choose whomever they want, be it a brick layer, plumber, relative, a homeless person AND yes even a Para-Legal.


On the 17th October 2019 I received a call from a Grace Nelson (Grace), who is listed on my website as a victim of the RASC Renegades. I listened to Grace explain her predicament, and was then sent two (2) statements that Grace had received. One (1) was  from the complainant Heather Laird (Laird) and the other statement was from a friend of Laird. Then after having reviewed the documents I decided to represent Grace, and was retained.

Note: The complaints(s) against Grace Nelson had no merit at all. The complainant now being unable to substantiate the allegations she made, has now stated within an e-mail that she made no such complaints at all, and that all of the individuals (rascrenegades) who have propogated, initiated and instigated the G23 process, and subsequent damages against Grace Nelson,  and subsequently as against Roger Nelson, did so without her consent or knowledge. i.e went rogue.

The complaint against Grace Nelson originated at the Calgary Center RASC, and as such the National Body had no jurisdiction over the matter. I had enquired of Chris Gainor (Gainor) the President of the RASC National Body if there was anyone at the RASC Board level that had knowledge of the complaint by Laird and he said no. The reason for the enquiry is Laird is a Director of the National Body, and Grace’s husband Roger Nelson (Roger) was also at that time the National Board Secretary and Chairman of the IT Committee.

On the 5th November 2019, an e-mail was sent to everyone from Grace, stating that I, John Kelly was acting on her behalf in the matter of the Laird complaint. That same day Gainor sent an e-mail back. Here are Gainor’s e-mail contents:

GAINOR TO GRACE NELSON 5th NOVEMBER 2019: ” I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail informing the RASC Board of Directors and others that your legal representative is John Kelly.  Since as we understand it the complaint in issue has been made under Society Policy G23 and is being dealt with by the Calgary Centre, it appears that the Board of Directors of the Society has no need to be involved. For clarification, however, I ask that Mr. Kelly (whom I am copying on this reply, since you included him in your e-mail) inform us whether he is a lawyer and a member in good standing of any Law Society in Canada.”

On the 5th Day of November 2019. I, John Kelly duly left a voice mail message to Gainor at the number he provided, asking him to call me at his convenience, and provided my contact details. Totally expecting to hear from Gainor shortly, but never did. Instead Watson and Gainor committed the first of many crooked and corrupt acts.

On the 6th November 2019, Chris Gainor President RASC and Michael Watson legal counsel RASC in an unsolicited phone call made to Roger Nelson, attempted by crooked and corrupt means to persuade Roger to have his wife Grace Nelson to get rid of John Kelly as her Legal representation in the G23 Laird complaint at the Calgary Center branch of the RASC.


FIRST: On the 6th November, Roger Nelson received an e-mail from Michael Watson (Watson) who is a Director of the RASC National Body and legal counsel, the e-mail was rated high, and another e-mail arrived shortly thereafter with a request to call Roger Nelson. Within that phone call Watson and Gainor attempted by crooked and corrupt means to get Roger to get his wife Grace to get rid of me as her Legal representation in the Laird complaint. Watson a lawyer and partner with Gowling WLG, was corruptly interfering in a G23 complaint process he had no jurisdiction over. In furtherance of the rascrenegades goal, to have John Kelly fired from his position. By threatening Roger Nelson with very dire consequences if he did not ensure his wife, acceded to their demands. Notes of that conversation are available.

WHEN Grace refused to fire John Kelly, Gainor, along with other RASCRenegades (to be named later) then set in motion a plan they had put together, and duly ambushed Roger at the end of a regular Board meeting (13th November 2019) by going in-camera with the clear intent of executing their plan to remove him from his position as National Secretary. All because his wife Grace had not fired John Kelly as they had wanted. A recording of that in-camera ambush is available.

LONG STORY SHORT: Between the 13th of November and the 15th December when they finally and illegally, removed Roger from his position as National Secretary. Watson sent the following correspondence to the Board members of the Calgary Center RASC.

WATSON TO CALGARY CENTER RASC 28th NOVEMBER: As you might imagine, I will not reply to Kelly and I respectfully suggest that no one else do so. Kelly thrives on back and forth communications and conflict. Refusing to engage with him cuts off his oxygen. Michael Watson (mobile).” Watson clearly dispensing legal advice to the Calgary Center not to respond and engage in the G23 complaint process, initiated by Laird.”

GAINOR TO ROGER 1ST DECEMBER Dear Roger I am writing you because I believe that the time has come where you should have another conversation with Michael Watson and me. Over the weekend, Michael, other members of the RASC Board of Directors and I have been discussing your position on the Board and as Secretary. You no doubt appreciate that receiving communications such as those that John Kelly has been sending us has caused great consternation on the Board. Those communications have called into serious question the trust that we all need to work together on the Board. We recognize that you must be greatly distressed by the criticisms of your actions in recent weeks and of your work on the Board that have been made. I certainly recognize your long record of service to the RASC that continues to the present day, and I can say that the rest of the Board also recognizes it. When you spoke with Michael and me early in November, we were trying to defuse a worsening situation. When that didn’t seem to be working, we began the process that is currently under way inside the Board to resolve the differences between you and the Board. You missed an opportunity to defuse the situation when you declined to fulfill your undertaking to us to apologize to the Board. In spite of that, we on the Board didn’t give up on trying to resolve our differences. We began the process that is currently under way to resolve the differences between you and the Board. You were present at that Board meeting on November 13, and you agreed to take part in the process that is currently under way. Early on, you engaged Mr. Kelly to act on your behalf to deal with your differences with us, and at our suggestion and request you dropped him around the time of the November 13 meeting. And on Friday night you called him back instead of continuing with the process that you had agreed to on November 13. If you were surprised by the statements you received on Friday, I should note that much of what was said in those statements had previously been related to you orally on several occasions, including at the November 13 meeting. Michael and I, on behalf of the Board, want to try one more time to resolve the differences between you and the Board in a friendly fashion. I hope you would be available to speak to us on Monday or Tuesday late afternoon or evening. I should make clear that Mr. Kelly can have no part in any process involving the Board, unless you can prove that he is permitted to practice law somewhere in Canada.  His background and his aggressive, attacking style of advocacy can only worsen the situation. I look forward to hearing from you, and Michael and I hope to talk to you in the next couple of days. Sincerely, Chris. ” An unbelievable e-mail of Gainor admitting to the crooked and corrupt acts committed by him and his fellow rascrenegades and how they orchestrated by corrupt and crooked means his removal.

WATSON TO JOHN KELLY 5th DECEMBER: Neither I nor my firm has ever acted as legal counsel to the Calgary Centre of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (“RASC”).  Our firm acts solely for the RASC; i.e., the national body. ” See email above, of Watson dispensing legal advice to the Calgary Center RASC.

WATSON TO JOHN KELLY 6th DECEMBER: No matter how many e-mails you send asserting that I act for the Calgary Centre of the RASC, and no matter in what language you make that assertion, the fact remains that I do not and never have acted for the Calgary Centre.  I have not “directed” anyone to do anything in this matter.  Further repetitive e-mails from you will not change that fact, and there will be no reason for me to respond further and repeat myself yet again. Michael Watson Director, RASC. ” Once again see email above, of Watson dispensing legal advice to the Calgary Center RASC. 

WATSON TO ROGER 13th DECEMBER: Roger, Please do not pass this on to Mr. Kelly. The only way we can all find a way out of this without harming us all is if you are willing to communicate directly with us rather than through Mr. Kelly. Are you willing to do this, Roger? Please do me the courtesy of responding to me with a simple yes or no, rather than passing this on to Kelly and having him reply to me (and countless others). Michael ” Watson once again threatening Roger Nelson with harm if he doesn’t come around, and get rid of John Kelly. 

IMPORTANT: When Roger Nelson and Grace Nelson, continued to refuse to accede to their continued crooked and corrupt machinations, to get rid of John Kelly. The rascrenegades from the Calgary Center RASC did, on the 12th day of December  duly remove (by illegal means) Grace Nelson from the Board. Recording available. 

AND not stopping there, the rascrenegades from the National Board did on the 15th Day of December, carried out their threats to Roger and duly removed (by illegal means) Roger Nelson from his position as National Secretary and Chairman of the IT Committee. Recording available. 

THE rascrenegades could not remove Roger from his position as Director because to do so they would have to explain to the entire membership their reasons for doing so, and that would air their dirty laundry for all to see. These rascrenegades, as much as possible, enjoy doing their crooked and corrupt acts from within the shadows, but no longer, no longer…..

PROOF: The veracity of what has and will be further published will be irrefutable. As it is going to be found in their own words, materials, documents, e-mails, reports, actions, correspondences and tape recordings. All of that will damn them, and much more, and will outline to the courts, a clear and concise pattern of deceit,  corrupt, crooked and criminal acts.

All rascrenegades of the RASC were asked the following question.

Q.  if it’s found at the end of this process, that a person has submitted a statement to Mr. Gainor, and it’s found that much of the contents of that statement are false. And that they’ve done so (and other corrupt acts) in furtherance of having Roger and Grace Nelson removed from the RASC, do you believe that, which ever person has done that, should themselves be removed from the RASC.

They all refuse to answer, as to do so condemns them & their fellow rascrenegades.

WHAT IS A LIE: The many many lies that these rascrenegades have told, are now unraveling, because ultimately, a lie will not fit a fact, it will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time. And their time is all but up.

There is to be a lot more added to this and it will continue to shock you, any such updates will be provided by Mr. Kelly himself.

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