RASC Renegades

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Who are the RASC Renegades?

The only way for evil to succeed is for good men to sit back and do nothing. Our response to these rascrenegades, is that we are good and well intentioned people, and as can seen from this website, our response to their vicious, vindictive, malicious and evil ways, is, we are not going to sit back and do nothing.

A RENEGADE: Is a person who deserts and betrays an organization, or set of principles. CORRUPT: having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly. CROOKED: dishonest – illegal. LIBEL: the action or crime of publishing a false or malicious statement about a person. SLANDER: a false and malicious spoken statement.

The nefarious RENEGADES named below are the top RASCRenegades whose actions, lies, deceit, crooked and corrupt acts, will for a very long time, have a very substantial and very negative impact on the RASC and the Centres of the RASC, specifically Calgary.

Robyn Foret, Calgary

ROBYN FORET was in 2018 the illegal Treasurer of the Calgary Center RASC.  He has served in various roles in the Calgary Centre to this day.  He has also served at President of the RASC and the 1st VP of the (National) RASC. Like Heather Laird, Foret’s lies have bordered on pathological. He like her, is frightful of being booted right out of the RASC for his crooked and corrupt actions, so much so, that he is doubling down on the many lies already told. Foret continues to make very serious defamatory statements without regard for the truth or the damages they  cause and continue to cause to others and the RASC. Foret’s continued corrupt and crooked actions, only further increase the damages that have been and continue to be incurred, by the injured parties.

Charles Ennis, Sunshine Coast Centre

CHARLES ENNIS: is the Current President of the RASC and who has served in other roles at the National Level for 6 years.  He is an author, and is a former Vancouver Cop. Considering the gravity of the lies told by former cop Ennis, every investigation he was involved in as a Director of the RASC, should be reopened.

Michael Watson, Toronto

Michael Watson is a Lawyer & Partner with the Law Firm of Gowling WLG, he is also a Director of the National Body and legal counsel of the RASC. Out of all of the rascrenegade(s) Watson is the most culpable.  Mr. Watson is currently serving on the Board of the RASC as 1st VP.  Will he continue or will he step Down?

Roland Dechesne, Calgary

Roland Dechesne is a past President of the Calgary Center RASC. Dechesne was the first one from the Calgary Center RASC, to drive a double decker bus right through the RASC policy manuals, by-laws, rules and regulations. After being found out, he recused himself and handed control of the bus to Foret. Dechesne stayed on the bus as a passenger and along with Foret and others, orchestrated the removal of Grace Nelson.

Heather Laird, Calgary

Heather Laird, At One time a member of the RASC Calgary Center and a Director at the National Body RASC. Laird is a truly, mean, vindictive & malicious individual and a near pathological liar. At one Point she was so frightful of being booted out of the RASC for her crooked & corrupt actions, she was reduced to doubling down on the many lies already told. For someone who works at a major Calgary Law Firm, you would think Heather Laird should know better.  Recently it appears that Heather is back as a member of the Calgary Centre. And it has been reported that she has been making false reports to the Calgary Police Service claiming that she has a “Restraining order” against Glenn Hawley, when no such things exists.

Nichole Mortillaro, Toronto

Nichole Mortillaro of the RASC is an avid amateur astronomer, author, editor, Senior Science Reporter for CBC News and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Mortillaro is also an rascrenegade and one of the worst.

Chris Gainor, Victoria

CHRIS GAINOR: is an author and a Past President of the RASC. Gainor had been one of the most culpable rascrenegade, but he is no longer a member of the Board of Directors of the RASC.  This all happened under his watch, and he had the choice of stopping this but choose to not do so.


There are other RASCRenegades that over time have become involved in support in the actions of the above named individuals.  The following page gives a list of these individuals and the role that they played.  These Individuals played a mostly supporting role or have moved away the role they once played in  all of this.

The above named, with the able and willing assistance of like minded Directors and Members of the RASC, have kept and still strive to keep, by any and all means possible, their many crooked and corrupt acts from being widely known, if at all.