Nichole Mortillaro Liar

Last Updated on 1 year by Roger Nelson

NICOLE MORTILLARO of the RASC is an avid amateur astronomer, author, editor, Senior Science Reporter for CBC News and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. She is the author of Saturn, lives in Toronto, Canada. Mortillaro is also an rascrenegade and one of the worst.

NICOLE MORTILLARO knowingly authored a witness statement with contents that she knew to be false. Mortillaro viciously, vindictively and maliciously attacked Grace Nelson and her husband Roger Nelson in collusion and concert with other fellow rascrenegades Heather Laird, Roland Deschesne, Robyn Foret and others.

NICOLE MORTILLARO UPDATE 29th OCTOBER 2020: One statement authored by Mortillaro is especially heinous and forms part of her bogus witness statement. At some point GN (Grace Nelson) stated that she had recently been sexually assaulted by her husband (Roger Nelson).

MORTILLARO further stated that Grace Nelson made that statement in a crowded room at the RASC GA Forum in 2019. That heinous statement by Mortillaro has been republished extensively by her fellow rascrenegades, regardless that they all knew, that the statement by Mortillaro was a vicious, vindictive and malicious lie, targeting and attacking Grace Nelson and Roger Nelson. STAY TUNED.