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The Timeline of the events that are part of the actions by the RASCRenegades as they pertain to Roger and Grace Nelson is to be documented here.

Some would have you believe that the problems that gave rise to the expulsion of Roger and Grace Nelson from the RASC, came out of actions that were initiated by Roger and Grace and the investigator that they hired, but do not be deceived.   It was the actions of those named as RASCRenegades who propelled the  dispute forward through their warnings, threats  and other punishing acts, which when taken in their entirety were vicious, vindictive and even criminal.  We will make a effort to add clarity to what was done and the impact that it had on the lives of Grace and Roger Nelson.

The chain reaction of events began long before the Investigator was hired. All the events from the beginning,  is documented in emails, recordings and voicemails and statements.  This timeline is intended to provide the reader with an outline of the events.  To answer a basic question that I was asked by a good friend and long standing member of the RASC ….. How did this all start?

It will cover the following Events/Topics
  1. Some important information about Grace and Roger Nelson that is pertinent to this event that took place before the 2019 General Assembly.
  2. The 2019 General Assembly in Toronto – The RASC Event that is seen as the start of this so called dispute.
  3. Events Between the General Assembly and the Calgary Centre meetings (Council and Center General Meeting ) in September 2019.
  4. Developments involving  the Calgary Centre in October 2019
  5. How the National Board became involved. 
  6. Attacks on Roger Nelson by the Renegades in November and December.
  7. Final Expulsion from the RASC of Roger and Grace Nelson. 

In addition to this I will introduce other evidence that is pertinent to this matter that demonstrates the vicious, vindictive, scheming, cunning and ultimately criminal conduct of the Renegades.  This evidence is recorded in emails, statements, recordings and other printed matter referenced in all content on this website.

Definitely much more to come!

Roger Nelson