Grace Nelson Victim

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Grace Nelson victim of RASCRENEGADES of Both the Calgary Centre and of the National Society.

Grace had been a member of the Society along with her husband for some years (since 1990.)  She also served on the Centre Council for a number of years before the events described.  Previous to being a member of the Calgary Centre, Grace was also a member of the Regina Centre since if re-joined the RASC in 1989.  In 2019 Grace became a National Council Rep for Calgary on the National Advisory Council.  Both the Calgary Centre Council and the National Board took actions to have Grace removed, but were removed only after the action taken by the Board in March 2020.  She actually lost the election to be the National Council Rep at the Elections in November 2019, after a vigorous campaign by the RASC Renegades of the Calgary Centre, however the Bylaws of the Calgary Centre and the National Society prevented a removal from the Society with out a vote of the General Membership.  This never happened, which will be explained later on this site.

The main initiators and Instigators of the events leading up to that, were Heather Laird, Roland Dechesne, Robyn Foret, Charles Ennis, Michael Watson, Chris Gainor. 

PROOF: The veracity of what is irrefutable. As it is going to be found in their own words, materials, documents, e-mails, reports, actions, correspondences and tape recordings. All of that will damn them, and much more, and will outline to the courts, a clear and concise pattern of deceit,  corrupt, crooked and criminal acts.

All of the rascrenegades of the RASC were asked the following question.

Q.  if it’s found at the end of this process, that a person has submitted a statement to Mr. Gainor, and it’s found that much of the contents of that statement are false. And that they’ve done so (and other corrupt acts) in furtherance of having Roger and Grace Nelson removed from the RASC, do you believe that, which ever person has done that, should themselves be removed from the RASC.

They all refuse to answer, as to do so condemns them & their fellow rascrenegades.

The many many lies that these rascrenegades have told, are now unraveling, because ultimately, a lie will not fit a fact, it will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time. And their time is all but up.

Definitely  More to Come …