Glenn Hawley Victim

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Prior to the RASC 2020 A.G.M. Glenn Hawley a past President of the RASC, submitted a very serious (G23) complaint to the National Board RASC. The complaint was against Robyn Foret the newly elected President of the RASC, and Roland Dechesne the current President of the Calgary chapter.

Just some of the allegations submitted against those rascrenegades, include but are not limited to, them withholding critical information from the National Board and Calgary Center Council, intentionally misleading both of those Bodies, driving a Double Decker Bus through the By-Laws without regard of the damages caused. All in furtherance of theirs and others, aims. i.e. fellow rascrenegades and Heather Laird et al. I can’t wait to see what the newly elected rascrenegades do with this:


Hawley has sent many open letters and e-mails to the full Boards of the National Body, the Calgary Centre and others. Below are just some of his statements that severely reprimand the Boards and the Rascrenegades.

1. Hawley’s statement about the RASCRenegades Web site: ”I’ve looked through the Rascrenegades site, and while I cannot confirm all of it’s contents to be true I saw nothing I could definitely classify as false. It makes the Society look bad but appears to have simply torn away the veil of secrecy behind which some people have tried to hide.”

2. Hawley’s statement about John Kelly: “I would also counsel that accusing John Kelly of criminality, in a public forum such as a General Meeting, would be not only entirely irrelevant to the issues at hand, but could well attract direct legal action for slander, libel, or defamation. While there exists directors’ insurance, such coverage doesn’t provide free reign for negligence or deliberate malfeasance”

3. Hawley’s statement about the Rascrenegades: ” Either they were acting with the full knowledge of the Board (and implied approval) and the Board thus needs to step up and admit its responsibility in the matter, or they were acting as rogue members on their own, and the board thus needs to repudiate their actions in the strongest terms.”

On the 28th December 2019, Hawley initiated an e-mail dialogue that resulted in rascrenegades Robyn Foret and Heather Laird responding. Those lengthy responses by Foret and the responses by Laird, along with other evidence, is going to cost the RASC and it’s renegades (amongst other damages) a six (6) figure dollar amount, that they and the RASC will have to pay out to the injured parties.

There are two (2) words that the rascrenegades should look up in the dictionary. The first one is misrepresentation and the other is facts. Throughout their many statements they play very fast and loose with the truth and continue with lies upon lies. They also continue to make very serious defamatory statements without regard for the truth or the damages they  cause and continue to cause. Their continued corrupt and crooked actions, only further increase the damages that have been and continue to be incurred, by the injured parties.

Glenn Hawley has extensively documented his experience with these Renegades on his own web site.   We suggest that you visit it and read what he has to say on this matter on his own account.  More updates/information:

Visit his site

where Hawley goes into extensive commentary on his experiences with these same RASCRenegades.