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The following are the updates from 2022 that formerly were on the Home Page:
:17th DECEMBER 2022: SHOCKS & MORE SHOCKSBrendon Roy is the second Vice President of the National Board of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). Brendon Roy has held that position for quite some time. Brendon Roy is also one of the inside men, mole, conduit and leak, feeding information and assistance to Glenn Hawley in his fight against the RASCRenegades. Brendon Roy has the balls to be the inside man, mole, conduit and leak, but not the balls to go officially on record and demand  an outside investigation that would end the extreme corruption that he knows is going on at the highest levels of the RASC by these same RASCRenegades.

:MORE SHOCKS 18th DECEMBER 2022: In the ejection of Glenn Hawley from the RASC public event at the Calgary Public Library, the security and Library officials and the Calgary Police Sgt who attended were informed by (at least Foret, Dechesne, Poole and Laird) that there was a restraining Order against Glenn Hawley. Yet Hawley is insistent that he has never ever been served or taken to court for any restraining order. I hereby demand that these RASCRenegades ( Foret, Dechesne, Poole and Laird  ) provide that restraining Order, and every other accompanying court documents they would have to have to filed, in order to get such an order against Glenn Hawley. Even More Shocks to come… 

16th DEC 2022: IMPORTANT QUESTION: Why are Robyn Foret and Roland Dechesne refusing to sign a release form that would allow an unredacted copy of an incident report that they filed to be released. That incident report details the accusations and allegation, they made against Glenn Hawley when they had him removed by the Calgary Police Service and Library security, from an RASC public event, at the Calgary Public Library on the 20th October 2022.

IMPORTANT ANSWER: Because the contents of that incident report will clearly show, that the allegations and accusations they made against Hawley, were fabricated. MUCH MORE COMING:

ARE THE RASCRENEGADES A “CULT” and is Robyn Foret their Leader. All compelling evidence points to the answer being a big fat “Yes“. As all RASCRenegades both National & Calgary blindly follow Robyn Foret no matter the consequences.

Charles Ennis is the Ex Cop and Michael Watson is the Lawyer and Partner in the Law firm of Gowling WLG. Yet neither of them can provide any evidence at all, to substantiate the allegations they used to expel Roger and Grace Nelson and then Glenn Hawley. UTTERLY ASTONISHING…

It’s now 136 DAYS since the Open Letter (Page Titled ENNIS-BS) was sent to the RASCRenegades. To date there’s been zero response. I can guarantee, that the full membership of the RASC, will be screaming from the rafters, when the full facts are presented to them, in the near future.

One thing is abundantly clear, the RASCRenegades see the truth as their enemy and lies as their friends. How much damage are the RASCRenegades going to be allowed to inflict on the RASC before the malicious-heinous wrongs they’ve committed are righted.”

RASC VALUES – 1 COLLABORATION:: The RASC states that one of its values is Collaboration. Well Collaboration is certainly what the RASCRenegades did in their successful endeavors to expel Roger Nelson, Grace Nelson and Glenn Hawley. They Collaborated in ambushing them. They then Collaborated in preparing and then submitting signed statements and documents, chock full of vicious, malicious and vindictive allegations.

These RASCRenegades knew, before the ambushes, before making the heinous allegations, before providing their signed statements and documents, that they had no evidence to back any of it up. That is why they could not Collaborate with the targets of their attacks, when they requested the RASCRenegades provide specifics, provide proof, provide evidence. They were not able to respond here’s the proof, here’s the specifics, here’s the evidence.

That’s why, the RASCRenegades will not be Collaborating or co-operating with the many, many reasonable requests from those they have viciously vindictively and maliciously accused, then expelled. So much for RASC VALUES.

12 SEPT 2022: There is an “air of fear” festering in the RASC ranks, especially at the National Board levels. The fear that if any of the non RASCRenegades Board members speak out, then they too, will also be subjected to vicious malicious and vindictive acts, then themselves be removed or expelled. To the non RASCRenegade members of the Boards I will say this….. “ The only way that Evil triumphs is when good people sit back and do nothing “. more to follow.

11-SEPT-2022 THE SILENCE FROM CHARLES ENNIS IS DEAFENING: Charles Ennis has made many vicious, malicious and vindictive allegations on many occasions. He’s used those allegations to have senior members expelled. He has submitted signed written statements he knew couldn’t hold up to scrutiny. When asked to provide any proof of his machinations, he simply cannot do so. Simply because, Ennis just like his fellow RASCRenegades is just an outright Liar, and that’s why his silence and theirs, is so deafening and so telling.

VIEW PAGE TITLED ENNIS-BSYou’ll find an Open Letter sent by e-mail to RASCRenegade President Charles Ennis, the entire National Board plus 50 prominent RASC Members.

BECAUSE THE RASCRENEGADES DID IT: They expelled Glenn Hawley by using the same vicious vindictive and malicious tactics that were used by Laird-Mortillaro-Ennis-Foret-Gainor-Watson-Carr & Briggs to expel Roger and Grace Nelson, and before that Ross Sinclair. These RASCRenegades are truly truly despicable sneaky shits and much worse.

CORRUPT & CROOKED COMMON THREADS: There are corrupt and crooked common threads weaving throughout the RASCRenegades scheme that expelled Glenn Hawley. Those threads are also evident in the expulsions of Roger Nelson, Grace Nelson and Ross Sinclair. For instance, main complainants Heather Laird and Nicole Mortillaro. Main co-conspirators are Foret, Ennis, Watson, Gainor, Carr and Briggs. They totally and blatantly disregard due process. They outright lied to the membership. They Knowingly committed crooked corrupt and criminal acts. Knowingly Filed false statements. Illegally retained control of the National Board And manipulated the last 3 A.G.M.’S.

FRASC IS NOW THE SHAME AWARD: The RASCRenegades have made the awarding of (FRASC) Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada into a joke, a mockery. This is an award that the RASCRenegades now bestow upon each other, whilst committing the most heinous of acts.

Watson and Dechesne received it in 2021 and I know they awarded it to Gainor in 2022. They are not putting up the list of who got awards in 2022 because they know it Shames them. If they have also bestowed the FRASC award to Foret or any of the other RASCRenegades in 2022 or indeed any award, then they truly have no Shame. But we already know that, don’t we.

:Not Punishing RASCRenegades Corruption is the Equivalent to Authorizing it:

Both sides of a contradiction cannot be true. One side is either mistaken, is misled or is just outright lying. It’s very easy to find out which side that is. As a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie that is made for that purpose. And the life of a lie, is just a question of time.

19th AUG 2022: What’s a smell you can’t stand. Mine is the PURE-BULLSHIT coming from the RASCRenegades. Their latest scheme, forging ahead, crooked corrupt, expulsion of Glenn Hawley.

These RASCRenegades are vicious, vindictive, malicious individuals. Who still continue with their crooked, corrupt and criminal acts. For instance, Laird and Ennis and Foret each submitted signed statements to Chris Gainor, in a cooked up scheme to get Roger Nelson ousted from the National Board. Gainor obliged them by instigating Enforcement proceedings.

When Laird, Ennis and Foret refused to answer to the many, many reasonable questions placed to them, regarding the contents of their signed statements. Such questions that any truthful person with nothing to hide, would gladly do, Gainor did nothing. Chris Gainor was the President of the RASC, he should have immediately opened up proceedings against Laird, Ennis and Foret. But Gainor would not, as Gainor was one of them an RASCRenegade. And Roger Nelson was not.

TRUTH: Had Laird, Mortillaro, Ennis and Foret been dealt with properly for their heinous acts from Day one. There would have been no expulsion of Ross Sinclair, or Roger and Grace Nelson, or their latest target Glenn Hawley. This website and Hawley’s website would not exist. I would say to the RASC National Board, it’s not too late to do the right thing. But nothing will change until the last 4 RASCRenegades, Ennis, Watson, Carr and Briggs are removed from their positions.

JUNE 2022 AGM: The 2022 RASC AGM is over. What can be gleaned so far from that AGM is like something you’d expect out of a political scandal. There’s control, missing monies and sex.

CONTROL: Once again the RASCRenegades have retained control of the Executive of the National Board. Robyn Foret and Chris Gainor jumped ship and Eric Briggs was up for re-election. So just like in 2021 they ensured that there was only two candidates so that Briggs could be re-elected unopposed and thus the RASCRenegades keep a stranglehold on the Executive.

MISSING MONEY: Robyn Foret has been President for the last two years. For the last two years Foret has signed off on the RASC Financial Statements. And for the last two years, monies they have paid out for legal fees to defend themselves, have been hidden under NOTE 13 National Operations or Member Services. More to come on this.

SEX: I have been reliably informed that Robyn Foret has engineered the return of Heather Laird to the RASC fold, as a National and Calgary Centre member. This takes Member Services to a whole new level. More to come on this as well.

JUNE 2022 – SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE – PROOF: What’s already been published on this website has so far, been unchallenged by all of the RASCRenegades. To our knowledge they have also not formally challenged the contents of Glenn Hawley’s website www.astropithecus.ca

For sure behind the scenes these RASCRenegades are shouting and screaming their innocence. But where is their proof. Where is the proof to sustain their screams and shouts of innocence. There is none, no proof at all.

WHAT IS DUE PROCESS: Due process is a course of formal proceedings carried out in accordance with established Rules and Regulations. Fair treatment through the normal Judicial and Quasi-Judicial system.

Where was the DUE PROCESS for Roger & Grace Nelson, Glenn Hawley, Ross Sinclair or Others.

Simply put there was none. The RASCRenegades on this (still unchallenged) website) threw DUE PROCESS out of the window along with the baby and the bathwater.

BREAKING MORE SERIOUS: The RASC is heading into the 2022 General Assembly and the RASCRenegades still control the RASC National Board Executive. They are going to attempt to control events whereby those RASCRenegades will still control all seats on the National Board Executive at the end of the General Assembly… more to come.

BREAKING SERIOUS: Under recent advisement, it is strongly believed that charges of criminal harassment under section 264(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada is sustainable, against certain members of the RASCRenegades.

Criminal harassment consists of engaging in conduct “without lawful authority”. Section 264(1) OF THE Criminal Code, RSC, 1985, c C-46. There is no “lawful authority” for abuses of judicial or quasi-judicial processes. more to follow..

BREAKING: MOTIVE: There is always a motive for someone’s actions. I’m not going to present my full findings yet, but all indicators point to Robyn Foret and Heather Laird being in an intimate relationship. Heather Laird co-opting Robyn Foret to do her bidding, which was to get rid of Grace Nelson from any position within the RASC and the Calgary Chapter, and Laird and Foret in turn initially co-opting Roland Dechesne and Nicole Mortillaro and Charles Ennis.

TRUE: Heather Laird and Robyn Foret were the two main protagonists whose actions resulted in the expulsion of Grace and Roger Nelson and incidentally were also the two main protagonists that resulted in the expulsion of Ross Sinclair and just recently Glenn Hawley.

TRUE: The named RASCRenegades have produced nothing to support any of their outrageous, malicious, vile, vindictive, spiteful crooked and corrupt acts they initiated and then continued to propagate against Roger and Grace Nelson and Glenn Hawley and others. In fact they cannot even sustain their own allegations they submitted in their own signed statements, and those made in an ambush they perpetrated on Roger Nelson in a National Board meeting. We have the transcripts and recording of that ambush.

VERY VERY TRUE: The RASCRenegades are in a deep hole, so why do they continue to keep digging. Could it be that they control the majority of the National Board Executive of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. More to come…

It has taken longer than normal (pandemic) but the allegations as put forth on this website have been irrefutably established as true. All of the named “liars” on this site know that to be true.

The “liars” had 2 choices. 1. Mitigate their damages, restore the Nelsons to their former positions, pay reparations and costs, and make a formal and public apology. Or 2. go before the Courts and take their chances.

MARK LEDWELL MANAGING PARTNER GOWLING WLG: The introduction of Mark Ledwell into these matters, Mark is the managing partner of Gowling WLG in Toronto, also the boss of Michael Watson and the firm representing the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, has now made their number 2 option totally untenable. Not that it wasn’t before…More to come….

If the following statement is true A sociopath has little regard for another person’s emotions, rights, or experiences. They lack remorse for their actions, and act in ways that show no regard for others, including lying, cheating, and manipulating…  Then the following individuals of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Robyn Foret – Charles Ennis – Michael Watson – Heather Laird – Roland Dechesne – Nicole Mortillaro – Chris Gainor – are complete sociopaths more to come.

What’s published here on this website will clearly exposes the corrupt, crooked and criminal acts committed by the nefarious Directors & officers that not only infest the National Board of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (the RASC) but also their Calgary Centre. I call these very crooked & corrupt individuals “RASCRenegades“.