Robyn Foret Liar

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DEFINITION – LIAR: A person who tells lies.

HOW MANY LIES ARE TOO MANY: The following are just some of the questions placed to Robyn Foret regarding the written statements he provided to Chris Gainor and others in their campaign against Roger and Grace Nelson in 2019. Robyn Foret was asked to provide further and better particulars to corroborate the statements he had made as being truthful.

Chris Gainor is no longer relying on those signed statements, that he Gainor, forwarded to the Nelsons as evidence of their wrongdoings, and has taken no action against Foret or any of the other RASCRenegades.

Questions Robyn Foret has steadfastly refused to answer to.

Q. How did Roger position himself, as you state.
Q. What very confidential Society matter and ruling are you referring to.
Q. What appearance and insight are you referring to.
Q. What pointed questions at the General Assembly are you referring to.
Q. What information “is clear” that you state was shared with John Kelly.
Q. How was that information shared with John Kelly.
Q. When did Roger Nelson offer up the Board of Directors contact information.
Q. What threats has John Kelly made.
Q. What unreasonable demands has John Kelly made.
Q. When has Roger Nelson ever been untrustworthy.
Q. What concerns of untrustworthiness did you, Chris Gainor, Charles Ennis, Catherine Carr and Heather Laird all echo, at the in-camera meeting.
Q. What new missive from John Kelly are you referring to.
Q. You mention (a lot) the phrases “in essence” “appearance” “appears” please provide the proof to substantiate all of the accusations and allegations you are making under the guise of these references.
Q. How has, as you state, the victimization, re-victimization and harassment of Heather Laird continued, and how is Roger Nelson a party to that.
Q. How has Roger Nelson sided with bullies and who are these bullies you are referring to, and when and how have they bullied Heather Laird. and what evidence have you proffered.
Q. What continued harassment do you think Roger Nelson is a party to.
Q. Please provide proof, of any and all false statements (within correspondences and telephone calls with you and others) that John Kelly has made.
Q. How is, the search for the truth, requesting materials, and requesting that you and others abide by the G23 process, the RASC manual and proper practices… “CONTRARY” to protecting the integrity, objectivity and impartiality of the RASC.
Q. How is, the search for the truth, requesting materials, and requesting that you and others abide by the G23 process, the RASC manual and proper practices… “UNDERMINING” the credibility of fellow Board Members and the Executive of the Calgary Centre and acting against important Board decisions.
Q. How has Roger Nelson contravened any of the above ethos.
Q. When did Heather Laird request confidentiality within her complaint.
Q. When did Grace Nelson agree to confidentiality within the Laird Complaint.
Q. If neither requested nor sought confidentiality (which is their right) how can Donaldson leap to the statement he made ” Many of the details of this current complaint hinge upon events that happened at an earlier GA involving a police investigation, so confidentiality is of utmost importance to protect all of the parties involved ”
Q. Where does it state that Grace Nelson cannot hire John Kelly.
Q. Did Mr. Gainor inform you that John Kelly had left a voice mail message for Mr. Gainor to contact him (phone number provided) with regards to John Kelly and his background and credentials.
Q. Did Mr. Gainor inform you, that rather than contact John Kelly, Mr. Gainor and Mr. Watson contacted Roger Nelson and started to (amongst other things) question his judgment, on his wifes decision to hire John Kelly, in her defence of the Laird complaint.
Q. How is John Kelly being charged by corrupt police officers with criminal libel, then all of those criminal libel charges being thrown out of court by a judge, ” Most disturbing of all” to you Mr. Foret.
Q. Please provide all of the statements, that you state, are made by John Kelly within his websites that are “defaming and slandering groups and individuals”.
Q. Please provide the proof in your possession, that they are defamatory and slanderous, as stated by you.
Q. What unreasonable demands have made by John Kelly.
Q. Are you equating that, the search for the truth, requesting materials, and requesting that you and others abide by the G23 process, the RASC manual and proper practices… is a “BARRAGE” of demands.
Q. Where you not illegally appointed to the Calgary Center Board as Treasurer. YES or NO.
Q. Will you please provide a comprehensive list of the concerns, brought to you, ED, Renata and Randy (and any others) that you state was for desperate help. Or indeed any concerns regarding Roger Nelson at all, brought to your attention by others.
Q. What is the point of this tirade, and diatribe, without providing any proof that any of the above is the direct result and sole result of Roger Nelson.
Q. Are you aware that Roger Nelson has had discussions with Mr. Gainor and others on having a recorder at the meetings, and other matters dealing directly with another one of your tirades and diatribes.
Q. What were the “full of inaccuracies” you are referring to. Please provide them and also detail how they are inaccurate. and how they are a “self serving fabrication by the Secretary”.
Q. What abhorrent behaviour, please be specific.
Q. What incompetence, please be specific.
Q. What absence of trust and by whom, please be specific.
Q. What inability to perform assigned duties, please be specific.
Q. What harassment has the Board been subjected to by John Kelly at the direction of Roger Nelson, as you are alleging. please be specific.
Q. What “drastic response” are you hoping to achieve.

Q. Mr. Foret, if it is found at the end of this process, that a person has submitted a statement to Mr. Gainor, and it is found that much of the contents of that statement, are false, and that they have done so, in furtherance of having Roger and Grace Nelson removed from the RASC, do you believe that whichever person has done that, should themselves be removed from the RASC.