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The following are the updates from 2020 that formerly were on the Home Page:

DEC2020 XMAS DAY: Chris Gainor placed his entire reputation (such as it is) on the line when deciding to protect his protégé Heather Laird. Gainor was grooming Laird to be the next face, the next leader and the future of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. In order to protect Laird, Gainor had to protect her cohorts. In doing so, Gainor and others joined with them in committing more crooked, corrupt and criminal acts.

What Chris Gainor did not see coming was Heather Laird royally stabbing him and the others in the back. After which Laird immediately quits the RASC and her position as a Director on the National Board. Leaving Chris Gainor and the other rascrenegades high and dry, with their reputations (such as they are) soon to be forever destroyed, and the RASC facing rack and ruin from substantial civil claims.

2021 will be a year of vindication for Grace and Roger Nelson, and others. Sadly these rascrenegades are still willing to take down the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, with them. That should really tell you a lot about the kind of individuals those rascrenegades are. STAY TUNED

NICOLE MORTILLARO knowingly authored a witness statement with contents that she knew to be false. Mortillaro viciously and vindictively and maliciously attacked Grace Nelson and her husband Roger Nelson in collusion & concert with her fellow rascrenegades Heather Laird, Roland Dechesne, Robyn Foret and others.

NICOLE MORTILLARO of the RASC is an avid amateur astronomer, author, editor, Senior Science Reporter for CBC News and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Mortillaro is also the author of Saturn. Let’s see what her reputation looks like after the dust settles. READ PAGE TITLED NMORTILLARO

This website would not be operational IF the rascrenegades were not still engaged in their corrupt, crooked and criminal acts, and their many but futile attempts to cover them up, by committing more of them.

Full Facebook message from ex RASC President Glenn Hawley ” John’s latest ‘update’ caused a great stir… with the Board accusing me of all sorts of crap…”:

UPDATE: HOW MESSED UP OF AN ORGANIZATION MUST THE RASC BE… when the National Board can vote in Robyn Foret as the next President in June 2020, knowing full well before the vote, the crooked, corrupt and criminal acts Robyn Foret had committed, and the very deep hole that Forets election would place the entire Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, in. They knew before that vote, that Foret had seriously lied to and misled the National and Calgary board members. They knew that Foret had fabricated the written and signed statements that he had presented to them as the truth. They had a very valid G23 complaint before them submitted by Glenn Hawley against Robyn Foret, yet they till voted him in.. that is not only grossly irresponsible… that is criminally negligent… STAY TUNED:

TRUTH2POWER: The RASC have openly admitted that they’ve spent significant funds on their inside lawyer Michael Watson and their outside lawyer Julian Porter. Since day one, I’ve requested many times from these lawyer(s) that they inform me, and in specific detail, what parts of my published website is vicious libels, or vicious defamatory attacks. Now despite my many reasonable requests for them to do this, these lawyer(s) paid with significant RASC funds, have consistently neglected or refused to do so. SO let me be very clear on this point. If the RASC’s own lawyer(s) who were paid with significant RASC funds can’t do that one simple thing, then their inside & outside lawyer, as well as the rascrenegades themselves, are openly admitting that this website is publishing the truth. Which it is – Stay tuned…

URGENT UPDATE GLENN HAWLEY 24SEPT2020: In a lengthy phone call last night with Glenn Hawley, I agreed with Glenn that on receipt of an e-mail (confirmation) request by him, THAT I would release the documents in mine and Roger and Grace Nelsons possession, that Glenn stated he requires in order to move forward and pursue his valid complaint against Roland Dechesne the current President of the Calgary chapter RASC. Such complaint that is separate and apart from the ongoing complaint Glenn filed against Robyn Foret the current President of the RASC in the May of 2020. STAY TUNED