Others of note

Last Updated on 4 months by Roger Nelson

There are others that over time have become involved in support in the actions of the RASCRenegades named above, and in doing so have some accountability in this matter.

PHIL GROF: was until recently, the Executive Director of the RASC, and his wages are paid for by the membership of the RASC. Groff assisted rascrenegades in their plots, schemes, lies and subterfuge.  He has not severed his relationship with the RASC and has moved on to other pursuits.

BRIAN LYONNAIS: was at one time the Secretary of the Calgary Center RASC. Lyonnais not to be outdone, not only took over driving the bus, he was instrumental, with the others, in having Grace Nelson removed from her position.

STEVE DONALDSON: is a Past President Calgary Center RASC. Donaldson knowingly joined Foret and Dechesne on the double decker bus. By this time it was in for a penny in for a pound.