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In the July of 2019 Grace Nelson was a Councilor and the National Advisory Council Representative for the Calgary Center of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. And her husband Roger Nelson was the National Secretary and Chairman of the I.T. committee and Director of the National Board of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

In June 2019 Roger had been awarded the RASC Service Award in recognition of his outstanding service rendered over an extended period of time. Where such service has had a major impact on the work of the Society. They also congratulated Roger Nelson for all of his contributions to the Society and to the astronomy community at large.


Yet one month later, that did not stop or deter or prevent the rascrenegades from ambushing Grace and then Roger Nelson many times over, from July 2019 through March 2020. Those ambushes were filled with false, vicious, malicious, vindictive, outrageous allegations and accusations. Accompanied by many doses of innuendo, and Spanish Inquisition type proceedings.

When reasonable requests were properly submitted to these rascrenegades, for them to provide any evidence to substantiate their claims, those requests were outright ignored. When requests were made for these rascrenegades to follow the process and procedures as outlined in their Charter Manual, Rules Regulations Policies, Procedures and Constitution, those requests were outright ignored.

Requests for further and better particulars outright ignored. In fact when any reasonable requests were submitted to them, or anything to do with fairness or due process, yes you guessed right, they were outright ignored.

I mean come on now, where would the fun be in Ambushing the Nelsons if these rascrenegades had to follow the Rules, Regulations and RASC constitution like everyone else.

The really scary part is that those doing the Ambushing (rascrenegades) are the same ones sitting on the Boards of the RASC. AND they’re the same ones who got to deliver the verdict and administer the punishment to their targets, the Nelsons.


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