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UPDATE: The RASCrenegades are still playing Blind Deaf and Dumb, and still doing so with the RASC monies. The problem is this, the only thing the RASCrenegades plays have done, is put them deeper in the hole they already dug for themselves. I’ve studied the RASC Bulletins for the last 5 years and it tells you the membership nothing.

NEWS: Peter Jedicke has confirmed in an e-mail to Glenn Hawley, that the RASC is no longer a Democratic institution. But is in effect being run as a dictatorship under the direct control and stewardship of the rascrenegades. Such renegades who’ve been named and shamed on this website for some time. As of today these rascrenegades still control (7) of the (8) seats on the National Board. And they are now scheming to get those rascrenegades who are no longer eligible to be elected in 2021, to be illegally elected at the AGM in 2021, thus retaining control of the Board until 2022. More to follow.

UPDATE GLENN HAWLEY G23 TAPE RECORDING(S): The following within quotation marks is a statement made by Glenn Hawley in regards to the status of his G23 complaint against the current President of the RASC Robyn Foret and others. It is part of an 11 minute recording made on the 25th Day of August 2020, between Glenn Hawley and Roger Nelson.

Do not let anything I’m doing effect or slow down anything that you or John (Kelly) are doing. If I do run for the Board (National) and get on the Board do not let that track, restrain you either.

The rest of that recording goes into very great detail the crooked and corrupt agreements now made between Hawley and Michael Watson and the National Board. How they’re going to cover up, nullify & bury Hawleys G23 complaint. In return for Glenn Hawleys seat on the National Board. The full transcripts of Hawleys conversation (and others) outlining these crooked and corrupt agreements will be published.

UPDATE GLENN HAWLEY G23 COMPLAINT: Glenn Hawley past President of the RASC, has retracted his very valid and truthful G23 complaints against current RASC President Robyn Foret and other rascrenegades. Glenn Hawley recently admitted he was being put under extreme duress by Michael Watson the inside lawyer for the RASC. SO what does Watson and his fellow rascrenegades have over Glenn Hawley that has made him sell his soul, what deals have been struck, why has Hawley retracted on his pursuit and his promises to get justice for Grace and Roger Nelson, Ross Sinclair and others. MORE TO FOLLOW – STAY TUNED:


UPDATE: WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MR. HAWLEY? Glenn Hawley has, all of a sudden, began to refuse to state what the status is, of his very valid complaint(s) against Robyn Foret that also ropes in Roland Deshene and other rascrenegades. Glenn will only state that he has been in deep conversation with Michael Watson, lawyer and Chief rascrenegade. It looks very clear to me, as the Board of the RASC have still not appointed a mediator in Hawleys valid complaints, and from Hawleys comments, that Michael Watson is trying very hard to get Glenn to back off and retract his very valid complaint(s). There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, that, Watson is attempting to coerce Glen Hawley, that by backing off Glenn will be doing what’s right for the RASC. If you honestly believe that from the self serving rascrenegade Michael Watson, then I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

NOTE: Still no word on the appointment of a mediator by the National Board on the very serious complaints made by past President Glenn Hawley against current President Robyn Foret and others. These obvious stalling tactics by the National Board in appointing a mediator are fueled by their rightful fears that the mediator will have no option within his investigation, but to review and investigate all of the travesties of justice, the National Board perpetrated on Roger and Grace Nelson and others. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Death Knell of the RASC: That sound the rascrenegades have been hearing for quite awhile now, is the sound of the train that is heading their way. That train which is going to run straight over them, will end up being the death knell of them and the RASC. They still believe they can convince you the membership, to believe that this website is a collation of vicious libels and vicious defamatory attacks. I myself do not believe that the membership of the RASC are that stupid.

UPDATE: I asked Glenn Hawley if his G23 complaint against Robyn Foret was personal or perhaps a vendetta. Hawley stated that it was neither. What he was doing was about getting justice for Roger and Grace Nelson, and stopping what happened to them, from ever happening again. Stay Tuned…

QUICK UPDATE: The rascrenegades just can’t seem to get a foothold in the very deep hole they’ve dug for themselves. Notwithstanding impending civil litigation, further G23 and possible G24 complaints on the Horizon against Roland Dechesne, Charles Ennis and others. And what with Chris Gainor, Michael Watson (lawyer) and others at the RASC, trying to do everything they can to delay appointing any mediator in the current Hawley G23 complaint against Robyn Foret (newly minted President RASC). It sure looks like they won’t be getting out of that hole anytime soon, and rightly so. Stay Tuned..

UPDATE – EMERGENCY ALERT: After reviewing the e-mails from Chris Gainor sent to Hawley on behalf of the current National Board, one thing is abundantly clear, that is, that the rascrenegades cannot be allowed to have any control of the Hawley G23 complaint against Robyn Foret and others. The Hawley complaint must be handled and investigated by an outside professional mediator and it must be done immediately. Stay tuned

UPDATE – HALLELUJAH: In addition to the scathing facebook posting by former Director Heather Laird against her fellow rascrenegades, I have in my possession numerous e-mails recently sent by Chris Gainor and others in the matters of the current and ongoing G23 complaint filed by Glenn Hawley against Robyn Foret and others. If those e-mails and Heather Lairds scathing attack were not significant enough (which they are) I also have the official statement authored by Robyn Foret as his defence to Hawley’s G23 complaint, submitted by Foret on the 27th May 2020. I have dissected that statement authored by Foret and it does not bode well for either Foret or his fellow rasrenegades. But the contents are of immense benefit and great value to Roger and Grace and others in their ongoing pursuit of justice against these nefarious individuals. Stay Tuned…

UPDATE – TRUTH2POWER: The rascrenegades are now beginning to turn on each other. Heather Laird a recent Director of the National Board RASC has posted (on her FaceBook page) what can only be described as a scathing attack on her fellow rascrenegades and goes further by making very serious allegations against them. Needless to say Newly minted President Robyn Foret, and Gainor, Watson, Ennis, Dechesne and the other rascrenegades are now in more jeopardy than they’ve ever been. And justice is a lot closer for Roger and Grace Nelson and others. More to follow….

Those rascrenegades named and shamed on this site, recently expelled Grace and Roger Nelson as members of the RASC. In the time it took these rascrenegades to achieve this, they knowingly and willfully, spread with malice and forethought, many vicious, malicious, vindictive lies and such other disinformation, that would have made Adolph Hitlers propaganda Minister Herr Joseph Goebbels, very proud.

PAST RASC PRESIDENT CHRIS GAINORS LEGACIES: He will be remembered as the overseer of Huge deficits, corruption, and crooked and criminal acts. The overseer of cover-ups, threats, extortion, blackmail and obstruction of justice. The overseer that has placed the RASC in extreme financial jeopardy from civil suits and other legal actions. The overseer of the rascrenegades who aided and abetted them when ever needed. Including having one of those rascrenegades elected (Robyn Foret) as the 2020/2021 RASC President. And Chris Gainor is the overseer who successfully conspired to have the same rascrenegade Board elected again for 2020/2021.

VERY SERIOUS UPDATE: A very serious G23 complaint has been submitted to the National Board RASC. The complainant is past President RASC Glenn Hawley and is regarding Robyn Foret and Roland Dechesne. Some of the allegations include but are not limited to, withholding critical information from the National and Calgary Center Boards, intentionally misleading both of those Boards, driving a Double Decker Bus through the By-Laws without regard of the damages caused. All in furtherance of their corrupt and crooked aims. i.e. Heather Laird et al. I can’t wait to see what the rascrenegades do with this. See page titled HAWLEY.

URGENT UPDATE: I’ve been reliably informed that there’s great consternation within the RASC concerning the significant amount of monies that the National Board has spent and continues to spend on lawyer(s) in their ongoing attempts to cover up their crooked, corrupt, and sometimes criminal acts. They’ve already admitted that they retained legal counsel at significant cost to the Society and its members. It’s no wonder that they’re once again running another huge deficit and crying out for donations from the membership and others, to cover it.

The Board won’t reveal to it’s members, how much they’ve spent to date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The RASC auditors are also on record as stating that if the Board of the RASC have used funds of the Society to pay lawyer(s) in their ongoing attempts to cover up their corrupt and crooked acts, then that use of the Societies funds would be illegal, and would be deemed to be theft, fraud, misuse of monies and a criminal offence.

ROLAND DECHESNE – THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Roland Dechesne a pivotal rascrenegade and President of the Calgary Chapter RASC has given his latest message to RASC members, courtesy the May 2020 edition of the Starseeker Newsletter.

It was good to hear from long time members who expressed incredulity and solidarity over the events that resulted in the expulsion of veteran members from the Society. Even though we cannot meet face to face, these communications via phone or email are a reminder of our shared passion for the sky and of shared values.

Rolands concept of shared ideas and values, is to lie, cheat, thieve, commit corrupt and crooked acts, find like minded individuals who possess those traits, along with vicious, malicious & vindictive tendencies. Besides those rascrenegades named on this site, just how many others are there. Pray tell Roland….

COMPELLING UPDATE: One month prior to Roland Dechesne starting the vicious, vindictive and malicious campaign against the Nelsons, the RASC awarded Roger Nelson with the RASC Service Award. In bold is the opening statement of that citation.

NOTE THESE ARE ROLAND DECHESNES WORDS: ” Roger’s service to the RASC spans many roles, two RASC Centres, as well as the National Council and Board. His breadth of contributions is so large that it is almost insulting to try to fit it all on one page “.

Please view the entire citation at page titled AWARD also page titled WHY.

UPDATE – TAKING the RASC to RACK and RUIN: The rascrenegades named and shamed on this website are now at the stage were they’re fully prepared to take the RASC all the way to rack and ruin. They’ve shown that they’ll do so without a seconds pause or thought for anyone but themselves. No signs of remorse, no signs of regret and NO attempts to mitigate the substantial damages that they have already exposed, and continue to expose, to the RASC and it’s members… stay tuned…

SERIOUS UPDATE: Robyn Foret has once again failed abysmally to provide any proof to corroborate the many very very damaging and defamatory statements, that Foret and his fellow rascrenegades have been spreading against Roger and Grace Nelson and then myself. One thing has become abundantly clear, something stinks at the RASC, the smell isn’t pretty, and it’s not going away any time soon.

UPDATE: Robyn Foret has been widely spreading and publishing, that individuals from the Calgary Center RASC known to Foret, were informed by the Calgary Police Service that john Kelly suffers from a serious mental illness, and that anyone can contact the Calgary Police Service and acquire that information. This is but one of many very damaging and defamatory statements that Foret and his fellow rasrenegades and cohorts are disseminating. Foret has been asked to provide proof to back up his assertions.. stay tuned.

UPDATE: Robyn Forets lies, like those of his fellow rascrenegades have finally caught up to him. Foret is now caught between a rock and a very hard place. Everyone knows that a lie will not fit a fact, that a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose. This morning Foret has been asked to provide the proof to substantiate his latest batch of lies, sent out by him via e-mail. In effect Foret has been told to PUT UP or SHUT UP stay tuned…

UPDATE: Roland Dechesne has authored an article in the Calgary Chapter Newletter under message from the President. The Newsletter is called “the starseeker” and it has been sent to all members via e-mail and can be downloaded from their website. That article by Dechesne has greatly increased the amount of monetary damages that will be awarded against Roland Dechesne and the other rascrenegades. Thank you Roland for your assistance.

Prior to the 17th Day of October 2019, I John Kelly had never heard of the RASC nor of any of the rascrenegades who are named on this website. Nor did they have any knowledge of John Kelly. Yet that didn’t stop them from spreading lies about me, nor from defaming me, nor from tarnishing my character, my good name and my reputation, nor their many attempts to interfere in my economic interests and much more.

The only way for evil to succeed is for good men to sit back and do nothing. My response to these rascrenegades, is that I am a good man, and as they can see from this website, my response to their vicious, vindictive, malicious and evil ways, is, I am not going to sit back and do nothing.

MEGA UPDATE: The complex investigation (underway) into the rascrenegades vicious and brutal campaign against Roger and Grace Nelson is clearly beginning to show, that all roads are now leading back to the sexual assault allegations made by Heather Laird against Ross Sinclair at the RASC GA in London Ontario in 2016. (more to come)

One of the most evil. despicable, damaging and oft repeated lies told by the rascrenegades, is that Grace Nelson stood up at the 2019 General Assembly forum and stated for all to hear… that she had recently been sexually assaulted by her husband Roger Nelson… Make no mistake, there are no lines these rascrenegades will not cross in furtherance of their aims..

Here is one of the most outlandish, mind boggling and unbelievable statements that they’ve made, ” ln fact the Nelsons have stubbornly continued to insist that they have the right to engage anyone they wish to represent them “.

So not only do the rascrenegades believe that they have the right to make bogus charges against any member, whenever they want. They also believe they have the right, to choose who represents that member, against those bogus charges. Whoever thought up the Spanish Inquisitions would have been as proud of them, as Herr Joseph Goebbels.

BLACKMAIL: The point about committing a nice little spot of blackmail, is that the blackmailers (Watson and Gainor) should have been 100% dead certain before making their demands, that their target (Roger Nelson) simply could not do without something they had control over, which was Roger Nelsons position as the National Secretary of the RASC and Chairman of the I.T. committee. The blackmailers (Watson and Gainor) were 100% dead wrong.

EXTORTION: What also did not work for the blackmailers was a nice little spot of extortion, which is the practice of obtaining something by force or threats.

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: What the blackmailers and their fellow rascrenegades did commit, was the criminal code offence of obstruction of justice, which is the crime or act of willfully interfering with the process of justice by furnishing false information, and in or otherwise impeding an investigation or legal process.

Because when Roger Nelson, then Grace Nelson refused to carry out their demands, the blackmailers and their rascrenegade cohorts committed corrupt crooked & criminal acts in removing them from their respective Board positions. Then for good measure they orchestrated Roger and Grace Nelsons removal and expulsion as members of the RASC and Calgary Center.

STUNNING UPDATE: RASC AUDITORS TINKHAM LLP have confirmed that the rascrenegades have committed Crooked, Corrupt and Criminal acts. On the 19th day of February 2020, at 9.20 pm Toronto time, I contacted Tinkham LLP by phone, regarding an inquiry pertaining to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. My inquiry was the following… If the Board of Directors of the RASC had committed corrupt and crooked acts, and were then using significant funds from the Society, to pay lawyer(s) and or others, to cover up and prevent what they had done from coming out. Then would that use of the Societies monies by them be illegal, and would it be deemed to be, theft, fraud, misuse of monies, a Criminal offence. The AUDITORS response to everything was “YES“.

UNBELIEVABLE UPDATE: You couldn’t make this up if you tried. Chris Gainor the President of the Royal Astronomical Society is falsely stating to the full boards of the National Body, the Calgary Center and anybody else who will listen, that the contents of this website are Vicious Defamation’s and Vicious Defamatory attacks. Even though Gainors inside lawyer Michael Watson and outside lawyer Julian Porter, nor he himself, can provide any evidence to validate his claim.

Gainor, Watson, Porter and all of the others, have had ample opportunity to provide evidence, but have not done so. Porter had previously stated “You asked me to familiarize myself with your rascrenades website. I was already familiar with the vicious libels in your website”. But when Porter was asked to “ Please provide full, specific and complete details of which parts of the rascrenegades website are “vicious libels” as stated by you “ even Porter a lawyer was unable to do so.

PROOF OF GUILT: Robyn Foret, Heather Laird, Charles Ennis, Roland Dechesne and Chris Gainor are five of the main architects who acted with malice & forethought in the vindictive six (6) month campaign waged against Roger and Grace Nelson. That campaign resulted in Grace Nelson bing illegally removed from her position as a Director of the Calgary Center by way of false allegations, then Roger Nelsons illegal removal from his positions as the National Board Secretary and Chairman of the I.T. Committee (also with false allegations). And then the illegal expulsion of the Nelsons as members of the RASC.

Robyn Foret also threatened Roger Nelson at a Calgary Center Board meeting with violence and physical harm. No disciplinary action was ever taken against Foret and Brian Lyonnais the Secretary of the Calgary Center, lost the notes of that Board meeting.

UNBELIEVABLE BREAKING NEWS: In another desperate attempt, the rascrenegades by crooked, corrupt and criminal means, are now in the process of having Roger and Grace Nelson expelled from the Society. Surely they cannot sink any lower than attempting to expel the Nelsons who combined have given 70 plus years service to the RASC. WRONG – READ ON their using all of your RASC membership monies to do so.

RASC MEMBERSHIPS MONIES: Chris Gainor and his rascrenegades have now stated that they have retained legal counsel at significant cost to the Society and it’s members. These rascrenegades are very corrupt and crooked individuals who will stop at nothing, including bankrupting the RASC in their ever ongoing attempts to stop their crooked, corrupt and criminal acts from coming to light.

MORE NEFARIOUS MEANS: In the December of 2019, the rascrenegades by more nefarious means, removed Roger Nelson from both of his positions on the National Board of the RASC. National Secretary and Chairman of the I.T. Committee. Whilst also at the same time, nefariously removing his wife Grace Nelson from her newly elected position as Director of the Calgary Center RASC. Nefarious meaning = Wicked and Criminal Actions and Activity.

BREAKING NEWS: Glenn Hawley past President of the RASC has sent several open letters to the full Boards of the National Body, and the Calgary Centre and others. Including this statement from Hawleys most recent letter sent on the 26th January 2020 ” I’ve looked through the Rascrenegades site, and while I cannot confirm all of it’s contents to be true I saw nothing I could definitely classify as false. It makes the Society look bad but appears to have simply torn away the veil of secrecy behind which some people have tried to hide. ”

More statements from Hawleys to be published on page titled HAWLEY.

BREAKING: The rascrenegades believed getting rid of National Board Director and fellow rascrenegade Heather Laird would somehow make up for the many crooked corrupt and criminal acts they’ve committed. “WRONG” since removing Laird they’ve had to initiate more cover ups, and have now coerced and co-opted their wages paid by the membership Executive Director Phil Groff, into their plots, schemes, lies and subterfuge. page titled PG updated shortly.

Good people know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, and they choose to do what’s good. Bad people also know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, but they choose to do what’s bad. The (8) rascrenegades profiled (so far) on this website, are very, very, bad people.

As stated, the rascrenegades are down to seven. Heather Laird is no longer a Director on the National Board of the RASC. Was Laird pushed or did she bolt. Either way the rest still continue with their cover-ups, playing pass the buck, and still digging themselves deeper and deeper into the hole they’ve dug. But no matter how deep they go, the truth will out, it always does… You can only play Hide & Seek with the truth for so long.